Improve Health and Fitness of the Brain, Improve Memory

There is a very good reason why we should maintain the health and fitness of our brain. Improve memory by necessarily keeping our brain physically healthy for its optimal functioning — Sounds reasonable enough. A healthy mind doesn’t only improve memory, concentration, or one’s cognitive ability in general; it also prevents the onset of mind diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even stroke.A great part of keeping our mind in the best shape is to keep doing healthy activities. The thing is, all the things we do affect our brain and thinking capacity. Whenever we get involved in a conversation read a book or similar experiences, our mind undergoes a physical as well as intellectual change.To improve the functioning of brain and increase overall mental health, experts recommend the following healthy habits:Ways to Improve Brain Health:
Do “Nuerobic” Practices. Certain mind exercises including brain games strengthen the brain’s passageways and create new connections between the different parts of our brain. Do things in the dark like getting dressed or taking a shower, switching your watch, bracelet, or ring on your opposite hand or wrist, using your non-dominant hand to comb your hair or brush your teeth, or do something new like cooking foods you have never tried before.
Exercise physically. Regular physical exercise keeps both the body and mind healthy and fit. Staying physically active like exercising or dancing often nourishes and intensifies the brain to fight environmental toxins that produce harmful (inflammation- inducing) free radicals in the brain. Exercise also supports the growth of new brain cells, improves intellectual skills, and prevents memory loss.
Boost your memory through sleep. Sleep allows the mind to rest and be re-energized while also allotting some time for our brain to process information. Stay active in the day but make sure you regularly get a good sleep at nights.
Preserve the size of your brain by limiting your alcohol intake. Heavy drinkers are found to have reduced brain size, while low to moderate drinkers have normal brain size and their minds are more protected against cardiovascular diseases. Try to limit your alcohol consumption to just 7 glasses a week.
Socialize more. Our last tip on how to improve memory and overall brain health is to interact and communicate more with people. Socializing more has been shown to improve the brain’s functioning just as much as doing puzzles. Getting involved in conversations or simply talking with people is an intellectual activity that boosts cognitive skills and improves memory.To keep your mind healthy, eat the right foods and engage your mind in the right activities. These are the best ways to improve the functionality of the brain/ improve memory.

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