Pet Photography Business – Eleven Pet Photography Tips

Pet Photography Business-Pet Photography Tips to Make You the Most Requested for Pet PortraitTaking photos of pets is not as easy as taking photos of people. You can convey to people how and when to pose for certain pictures, but it is not that easy with pets.However, there are certain tips that you can use to ensure that you get that “just right” photo of a pet.1. Get to know the pet before you start to shoot photos. It is very important that the pet feels comfortable with you and doesn’t feel threatened in any way.2. Photograph the pet in its own surroundings. Pets will be easier to photograph if they know their environment. It is much easier to shoot a photo of a pet in its own home than in a studio.3. Get the pet comfortable with the camera. Take several pictures before trying to photograph the pet so the pet will be familiar with the sound and light from the camera.Getting the right photos of pets can be challenging at times. Different pets involve different challenges, but there are tricks that can make pet photography easy.In order to get different poses from a dog, you need to get the dog to trust you and to not fear you.1. Study the dog and watch his behavior. Watch how he reacts in certain situations. Then capture him at just the right moment.2. Get close up and personal with the dog. Get on his level and take close up photos and capture his expressions.3. Use treats. You can use treats to re-enforce the dog’s behavior and get re-actions.Taking photos of cats is much different than taking photos of dogs. Cats are normally less active and more graceful. Here are a few tricks to get different poses from a cat.1. Gently pet the cat. Gently stroke the cat’s fur and soon you will have him purring.2. Watch the cat interact with his owner. Cats love their owners so capture pictures of them together.3. Use toys. Cats love to play with balls and rubber mice. So you need to have toys on hand.Marketing a pet photography business is very easy.1. Buy ads in the local newspaper. Post the ads in the pets section of the newspaper.2. Post flyers on bulletin boards. Post the flyers at supermarkets and laundromats where people frequent.3. Find some pet owners. Photograph their pets for reduced fee and the word will spread quickly.4. Make your services available to pet stores. They may recommend you to their customers.5. Visit humane societies. Offer to photograph dogs and cats that are available for adoption.It is also a good idea to visit hunting lodges and get acquainted with the owners. The owners see and know many people who would love to have you photograph their pets. Spend time checking out what they offer and even ask to use their lodges to do some photo shoots.

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